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“Plans are nothing; planning is everything.” Dwight D. EisenhowerThis is a blog about all things personal finance for families with special needs. Financial planning is the foundation for getting your affairs in order so that you may achieve the vision you have for your family and special needs child.  Eisenhower’s above quote perfectly captures the point of special needs planning.  It’s not about the plan.  Plans will change as life circumstances change.  Rather, it’s about the process of distilling facts from assumptions.  It’s about filtering out the noise from a society that believes we should constantly compare ourselves to others.  It’s about taking concrete steps to achieve YOUR objectives, and making adjustments as required.  Plans are nothing; planning is everything.

I started this blog for two reasons.  First, is to provide an emotional outlet as we continue down the often times scary and fretful path of special needs parenting.  The second is to establish a online community to share what I learn along the way with other families, perhaps in similar shoes.   Thanks for reading.  I hope to learn as much if not more from those who have further journeyed.